We have no idea what we are doing

The Origin of Life on Earth: Our Role in the Universe

“An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have... Continue Reading →

Success: How Unique and Unknown You Are

“The road to success is always under construction” ― Lily Tomlin I recently asked the question, “What is your definition of success?” I am not one to use the word success very often as I feel the word is just thrown... Continue Reading →

Searching for the Limitless Drug: A Stimulating Experiment

“There were five exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days.”     Information Overload Do you see the wonderful message in quotations, only slightly above where... Continue Reading →

The 7th Kingdom of Life, Technology Ensues

"The basis and essence of life is not carbon, but information.  Life is an information processing system." The Technium I recently finished watching a neat presentation by Kevin Kelly that has left my brain boggled for a few days, and... Continue Reading →

Claiming Your Place In The World

  "The first step is you have to say that you can."- Will Smith   Do you ever feel like you are trying to figure out your position in the world? How do you fit in? Where precisely do you... Continue Reading →

Dating: It’s Not in Those Jeans They’re Wearing, It’s in Those Genes You’ll Be Sharing

Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion. -Scott Adams Why I have chosen this idea for a post, I simply... Continue Reading →

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